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Cycling Travel Protectors

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Since 1981 we’ve specialised in making protective surfboard covers for surfers traveling abroad by air and sea. Why not do the same for cyclists?

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2016 Gauteng Getaway Show

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We took the Island inland to the Gauteng Getaway Show!

Getaway Magazine gave out a pair of Island Style Flip Flops to every subscriber at the show, which truly put the Island Style vibe into full swing!

Not only did our models cause a stir on the ramp, but also attracted many a pair of eyes on the volleyball court  - what a jol!

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Board Covers

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Not all Board Covers are made the same!

As surfing has grown and surfboards have gotten lighter, so surf travelling has become more popular. Surfers travel all over the world while carrying their favourite surfboards by boats, planes, cars – you name it.

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Miss Island Style

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Meet our Island Style 2016 bikini Queens.
Featuring one-of-a-kinf Bikinis that you can treat yourselves to here Island Style Swimwear 

We asked our beach babes to tell us a little bit about their beautiful selves.

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Surfing Accessories

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Surfing Accessories
Made by surfers for surfers

Looking for the best surfing accessories? A grip that won’t slip or a lekker looking leash? We’re dedicated to intensive R&D to create the ultimate surfing accessories to keep you ripping like a pro – the Island Style way.

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Surfboard Evolution

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You can just about trace the history of surfing by looking at the evolution of surfboard design. The early Hawaiian boards were solid redwood planks carved out of Tree trunks. They were big, heavy and dictated the way waves were ridden. Generally straight to the beach or, at best, across the line of the wave.

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SUP Accessories

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SUP stands for “Stand Up Paddle” Boarding, an off-shoot of surfing, originating in Hawaii.
And it’s rad, bro. If you’re already in the know, and want some SUP accessories, look no further than Island Style.
We’ve got, long-lasting, locally-made, high quality Stand Up Paddle Boarding Gear and accessories!

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Gauteng Getaway Show

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Island Style is bringing the aloha spirit to Jozi’s Getaway Show from 29-30 August 2015! Taking place at the Ticketpro Dome, we will be showcasing our beachwear and equipment as well as our new online store.

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Sea Snake Leash

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Not all leashes are made the same!
Ours are made with rust-proof swivels, a super strong, solid urethane cord, and a high quality, comfy velcro strap your leash won't snap. Now available in a one-of-a-kind Sea Snake pattern.

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Team Riders

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Island Style's association and sponsorship of the world's best boardriders continues to stamp authenticity on the brand. Island Style team riders are a valued and integral part of the Island Style family. They are constantly involved in the testing of technical products, the sharing of new ideas and valuable product input. They are also a very important part of our marketing strategy and are the first to get our new products on the market.

For signature grips made in collaboration with our team riders click here.

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Team Rider Signature Grip

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It's safe to say that our team riders are the best of the best, bru. We value their opinion on traction and surf accessories.
Incorporating our sponsored riders into our product development is key to ensuring that our brand remains proudly South African, and our products are made by surfers for surfers.
Check out our rad team rider signature grips.

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Island Style World First!

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Would the shark have bumped Fanning if he was wearing this leash?

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Jordy is KING!!!

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Local is lekker, bru!

Durban's very own Jordy Smith claimed victory at the 2016 Hurley Pro against Joel Parkinson! Yeeeew!
Way stoked and proud!

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Board Cover Basics

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We are proud to say that Island Style Board Covers are NOT made in China my China, made in Durban ekse.
We guarantee our board covers for life, but your life only!

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Vic Bay Quad Champ

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Wayne Monk won his division at the Vic Bay Quad Surfing Contest at Victoria Bay, Eden District, Western Cape.

The defending champion of the Surfing South Africa (SSA) event has 5 Vic Bay Quad titles and 10 SA Champ titles to his name.

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Surfboard Leash Guide

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Double Swivel vs Single Swivel
Swivels are the "joints" of your leash. They allow your leash cord to pivot or make complete rotations around the joint. Sitting between your cuff and rail saver, a swivel helps to avoid getting your leash tangled around your legs when you're nailing that perfect wave. Double or single swivel, the choice is yours. 

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Bodyboard Leash Guide

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Double Swivel vs No Swivel
Swivels are the "joints" of your leash. They allow your bodyboard leash cord to pivot or make complete rotations around the joint. Sitting between your cord and lug, a swivel helps to avoid getting your leash tangled as you try to nail that perfect wave. It's up to you whether you go with a double swivel leash or no swivel at all. 

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Viva la Summer!

We’re taking it off... 

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Bodyboard Blog

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Getting tubed or barreled is the most spiritual, energising and satisfying feeling a bodyboarder can get.

To quote Shaun Tomson, “Once in the tube, it is as if time stands still”. All life's worries melt away, everything becomes clear and you feel at one with the heartbeat of nature. You’re in nature… you’re riding nature.

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25% Off Warehouse Sale

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Check out our Island Style 25% off warehouse sale, da right style for less.
Kick the winter blues with the last of our summer favourites from T-shirts and bikinis to flip flops and flat caps

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Vans US Open of Surfing

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Vans US Open of Surfing

Yoh! Stoked and way proud of two of our team riders, Adin MasenCamp and Sebastian Williams who went to Huntington Beach in California to compete in the Vans US Open of Surfing.

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Flip Flops for Easter!

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Island Style is committed to a respect for nature, an appreciation of individuality and spreading of the Aloha Spirit. The Aloha spirit is the joyful sharing of life energy.
Island Style shared the stoke this past weekend by donating flip flops to children from Kwa-Zulu Natal’s Hope Farm.

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Wild Card Winner

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What stoking news! Our Island Style team rider, Steezy Steve Sawyer, the new 2016 SA Longboard Open Champ, has got another huge title to add to his name. Steezy just took the win at the RVCA JBU Super Trials, 12 June 2016. What a cracker year for Sawyer, couldn’t be more proud of you, bru.

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KZN Beach Clean Up

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Silly season is over, now you can share the stoke about this awesome beach clean up initiative.

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Wilko holds on to Yellow Jersey

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Wilko holds on to Yellow Jersey

We’re stoked for Aussie surfer Matt Wilkinson who’s on a winning streak! Can he hold onto the yellow jersey in the J-Bay Open?!

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Island Style Surfers, Not Street Children!

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Seeing street children on our roads is something all of us are familiar with. It’s hurts the vibe of surfer and non-surfer souls across our beautiful country and the world.  So, when a group of street children, who have lived life on Durban’s harsh streets, from childhood, choose to leave street life to become surfers, the eyes, ears and hearts of Durban’s surf industry perk up to be a part of this stoking story.

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Keala Kennelly Making Waves

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Woman Power!

The Big Wave Surf Awards took place on Saturday, 23 April and saw history being made.
Keala Kennelly made waves at the Awards as the first woman to win tube of the year!

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