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Reflecta Bodyboard Cover

(Ref: C-BC-16)
Retail price: R427.78
Discount: - R42.78
Sales price: R385.00

Your board is your pride and joy, so protect it with the best!

- Covers up to 22' (width) x 44" (length) board
- Padded silver sun reflector cover, UV coated 
- Anti-corrosive double teflon YKK zippers,
- Fragile padding 
- Sand/water wetsuit pouch
- Wetsuit and fin pouch
- Backpack straps and carry handle

Our board covers are made to withstand hard ocean atmospheres. The YKK Wetsuit zips are guaranteed for life, but your life only bru!

* Please note that images used for product features may differ slightly from final product.

Not all board covers are made the same!

The quality of our Island Style board covers can't be questioned! All our board covers are made from materials that will last longer than any other board bag out there

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Double nylon covering, PVC lamination backing and extra padding. Our board covers are made to withstand harsh ocean atmospheres and have a lifetime guarantee.* but your life only.

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Don't be that oke always having to XYZ (X-amine Your Zip). So anti-corrosive, salty air isn't an issue, and anti-jam for smooth sailing. Double teflon YKK zippers for the zip that does't slip – but you still may want to check your pants.

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A true surfer knows what's good for their board. Island Style board covers come with a little extra padding because we nose surf life can be a little rigorous. We're serious about protection and everybody knows a little bit of cushion is good for the pushin'.

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No lies, your fins are expensive. So keeping them safe and protected is naturally our first priority. We've built in three internal padded pouches for your fins – or anything else you may need.

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