CREAM - Warm Water Wax

R 120.00

Cream Surf Wax is the most technologically advanced surf wax in the world. Its superior surfability characteristics combine the use of a highly refined petroleum-based wax, with an exclusive proprietary super-slick additive to create a wax that will never lose its shine or effectiveness in any condition.

The surf wax is made for all types of conditions. This is a surf wax that you can use in the rain, cold and unbearable heat. Cream surf wax will enhance your surfing experience without even breaking a sweat. More importantly, Cream Surf Wax is the only no-melt formula in the world.

Other waxes often need different coats of different styles of wax, but Cream Surfboard Wax is a one layer, one application blend so you know you only need Cream.

Warm Water – Best suited for surf temperatures between 20°C & 23°C.  Kwazulu-Natal – Year Round | Eastern Cape – Summer.