ISLAND STYLE Pro Traveller 6 (Fits 6 boards)

R 3,720.00


Behold the pinnacle of surfboard protection technology – our Tarpaulin Shortboard Cover redefines innovation. With a cutting-edge 15cm gusset and 22mm padding strategically integrated, it’s a fortress of defense. The entire design, featuring non-corrosive YKK wetsuit zipping guaranteed for a lifetime (your life only, Bru), sets the standard in high-tech surfboard covers. Safeguard your board with the future of surfing excellence.

  • Tarpaulin Shortboard Cover 
  • Holds 6 boards
  • 30cm Gusset
  • 22mm Padding on Gusset
  • 22mm Padding top and bottom decks
  • Non-Corrosive YKK Wetsuit Zipping - Zipping is Guaranteed for Life (your life only Bru)
  • Will fit a board 22 Inches Wide