Sea Elements Panel Boardshorts

R 550.00


The Island Style Panel board Shorts offer you the classic fit feel of board shorts. 

• Material: 4-way stretch Hi Performance Fabric ensuring maximum flexibility and comfort in every wave.
• Waistband: Adjustable fixed waistband for a secure fit that stays in place during the most dynamic maneuvers.
• Pocket: YKK lifetime guarantee zipper pocket with drainage, providing a secure and water-resistant space for essentials.
• Construction: Triple needle stitched inseams for exceptional durability, withstanding the demands of intense surf sessions.
• Length: 17 inches, striking the perfect balance between style and functionality.
• Size Range: Available in sizes from 28” to 38”, catering to a wide range of surf enthusiasts.
• Availability: Find them at selected surf stores or conveniently order online for a seamless shopping experience.
• Origin: Proudly not made in China – crafted with precision and passion in South Africa.

Island Style’s Panel Board Shorts – Where quality, style, and the spirit of the surf meet.

Not made in China

Made in South Africa bru